Andy Smith | Director, Producer & Writer

Andy is a Film Director, Producer and Writer from Perth, Western Australia. Over the last decade he has had the opportunity to work with numerous clients and companies to produce national television shows, advertising commercials, corporate and music videos as well as other storytelling and creative projects. 

Cassie Smith | Designer, Producer

Cassie is a Producer and Designer from Perth, Western Australia. Over the last decade she has had the opportunity to develop her distinctive skill set within filmmaking, design, events and other artistic projects and endeavours

As independent filmmakers, Andy and Cassie have directed and produced two feature length documentaries. 'Love Thy Neighbour' debuted internationally at film festivals in 2015 and nationally on Australian and New Zealand television in 2016. 'Our Battle Ongoing' premiered on Australian television in mid 2017. Most recently, they co-directed and produced 'Don't Look Away', a 360˚ short film launched at the A21 Walk For Freedom 2018 event in Vancouver, Canada. 


Together they are an incredible creative team with a passion to present inspiring, real and true stories, bringing to light events that would often remain hidden or be overlooked by most. They are currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

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