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Our Battle Ongoing now available online!

Our Battle Ongoing is now available on Haview, YouTube & Amazon for online streaming and download and is set for its TV debut in select Australian states throughout June 2017 (more info on this to come).

So many Australians are struggling and their families are hurting due to their illness being unrecognised within Australia and therefore access to treatment is scarce at best. Personally, the filmmakers have a dear friend affected by this and as the number of people affected increases significantly each year, you might know someone too.

May is worldwide “Lyme Awareness Month”. We want this documentary to keep the conversation going, to keep raising awareness and for people who are losing hope to know that they are not alone. The brave individuals in this film represent the countless Australians who endure Lyme disease / Lyme like illness on a daily basis. Please help us share their stories by spreading word about this documentary.

To find out more information on tick-borne diseases and awareness, please check out these websites:

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