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Our Battle Ongoing | Online Release & TV Debut

Our Battle Ongoing is the latest feature-length documentary from director Andy Smith about Lyme disease and Lyme-like illness in Australia. An official statement has been released below regarding the upcoming online and TV debut of this film. #OURBATTLEONGOING


As the director of Our Battle Ongoing, it was always my intention that the film would help shed light on this growing and often tragic situation, as well as give individuals a chance to share their stories so that they and others would not feel alone as they seek answers and treatment in often unwelcoming environments. Both my producer and I first and foremost wanted this film available and unrestricted and considered all avenues for the films success in reaching the widest audience possible.

For this reason we decided to pull Our Battle Ongoing from all film festival selections and escalate its release online via Amazon, YouTube and other streaming platforms and to Australian television in June 2017.

It is our hope and prayer that Our Battle Ongoing would add to the conversation started by so many brave individuals and continue in the fight for recognition of this invisible illness.

As part of the worldwide Lyme Awareness Month the film will be made available online on Friday, May 26 in Australia (Thursday, May 25 in other places around the world).

I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart, who opened their houses and shared their stories with us. We hope we did you justice.

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